Simplify, Professionalise
& Create Impact.

Jo is a freelance Graphic Designer and Visual Communication Consultant working in Cape Town, South Africa. She creates flexible, simplified and relevant design solutions for small businesses and entrepreneurs in their launch and growth stages.


2010 Graduated from AAA School of Advertising with BA Visual Communications (with Honours)

2011 Employed as Junior Graphic Designer at Monday Design under Francois Rey

2012 Graduated from University of Cape Town with a Postgraduate Diploma in Enterprise Management
2012 Co-founded a small business venture, Woot Pens
2012 Started working with TEDxCapeTown as a creative project coordinator
2012 Started working as a full time freelancer, until present

2013 First execution of startup accelerator event, Net Prophet Sparkup via my client, Saratoga

2015 Part time contract with WhereIsMyTransport

2016 First independent execution os Net Prophet Sparkup, with Tracy Gander of Creatively